Consumption Unit

My daughter has started referring to us as her “parental unit” . It must be something she picked up from her socially conscious progressive high school but this term bugs the hell out of N.

I think he thinks it disrespectful and impersonal. I can’t put my finger on it and while I think it’s funny in the “that’s cute” kind of way, I have to admit that N is right. Children should address their parents with a little respect.

So… last week, Belle said, “thank you, parental unit” and in response N said, “you’re welcome, consumption unit.”

Doesn’t that just sum up a teenager’s role perfectly?


4 thoughts on “Consumption Unit”

  1. I’m personally not too offended by terms like “parental unit.” But as a unrepentant smart…alec, I absolutely love that response! Spot on!

  2. i still chuckle when I read it. of course I have he timing and tone ingrained permanently in my head. it’s good to know that I’m not deranged.thanks.

  3. It’s not surprising that something like that would bother N, being the male role model of the house. Just let him know that the more he makes it obvious that it bothers him, the more she is going to say it. When she realizes that her attitude doesn’t create a response, she’ll move on to something else. Welcome to the world of teenagers! I remember those days and remember thinking of ways to irritate my parents. . .

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