7 a.m.

7 a.m.

not fully dark; just before sunrise
motionless streets and silent houses
flocked trees and glittering sidewalks

i feel guilty; my shoes leave a trace
i feel refreshed; my lungs draw the frigid air
i feel at peace; my soul delights in the beauty that surrounds me


3 thoughts on “7 a.m.”

  1. I have felt that feeling before; awake and outside in the early morning air… and I like the slight schism… you are interloper to the morning, your shoes leaving a mark, like perhaps you are not supposed to be there, yet you are also one with the morning, your lungs full of the it’s air, your soul at peace with it… so, what do you do at seven am in the morning? walk? think? jog? meditate? pray?

  2. walking to the office across a parking lot.the snow is so fresh and there’s just enough light to reflect off the snow crystals. and the perfection of the snow coverage on the pavement. the sound dampening all around and nothing -nothing but the sound of your breathing and shoes crunching on the ground. it’s like magic.

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