DH, in a response to a beer commercial during a hockey game: it’s a good thing we have pop culture-
otherwise we wouldn’t know that men are low brow.
On the way home from work I stopped at the Flying J to drop off a FEDEX envelope. A woman has just finished fueling up her Hummer and proceeds to drive 15 feet away to the mini mart.
Belle: I like my birthday!
Girl in the clothing store is talking so loud on her cell phone that I can hear her from the other side of the store. She’s discussing all manner of important items, like dates, dances and church meetings. I make my way over to the accessory aisle, pick out a pair of cotton athletic socks and walk over to her and offer her the socks–to put in her mouth, of course.
Yes, I do think I am better than everyone else.


8 thoughts on “Nothing”

  1. The hummer incident reminded me of the suburban community in which I grew up. The entire ward sat in a subdivision about a fourth the size of a city block. Yet half the people insisted on driving around for home/visiting teaching, or just social visits. Insane.And yes, I’ve seen people drive from store to store on the same block as well. Sigh.

  2. derek, thanks for the comment. i didn’t think my thought would appeal to anyone since they really are just ramblings.i’ve never understood driving to church when you live in utah. I also don’t understand driving to other sides of th parking lot at a shopping center, or to the neighborhood park, or in our case, the Smiths, the city library, up to the neighbors for visits (except…on super duper early Saturday mornings when my meeting is at 8, i wake at 745 and the YW’s pres lives 8 minutes walking)

  3. totally rude, huh?that’s the point. if someone doesn’t like me butting into their business, perhaps they shouldn’t conduct their business in the public sphere?

  4. I try to be understanding about people driving to church when they have big families to try to coordinate, or bags and bags of primary lesson material, or terrible weather.But really, does driving make those things that much easier?I figured the sock thing was facetious. Way to make your point.

  5. that’s one of my biggest pet peeves as well. good on you for taking a stand about it. i usually just steam in silence.

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