Bad Day at the Office

The toner I ordered for the ancient office copier arrived today so I read and then followed the printed instructions. I shook the tube up-down and side-to-side, then looked at the little pull tab and thought, “this is going to be messy”, but quickly dismissed my thoughts and pulled the tab. Because that’s what the directions said to do.

Last I remember was a plume of black smoke heading  straight for my face and then….blackout. When I took off my glasses to survey the damage, there was black dust everywhere:  the walls, copier, tables. The entire kitchen was a dusty black mess and I worried how and if I would ever clean it up.

First, I had myself a good cry because I twas all alone and covered in back soot . I looked like a coal miner returning home from a day in the mine ( Tip: tears and toner don’t pair well).

Then, being a team player,  I thought an office wide viewing is in order because everyone can use a good laugh at 3:30 in the afternoon.

Here I am taking one for the team. Have a good laugh.

Hey, I get some new clothes compliments of TSC.


3 thoughts on “Bad Day at the Office”

  1. That would suck. What a fiasco!Gotta admit, though, the picture is pretty funny. Especially with the clear rings from your glasses. Looks like something straight out of a bad sitcom. Definitely one for the scrapbook.Last time I had to replace a color cartridge for my inkjet, I had a similar, if smaller problem when I pulled the tab. My right hand was cyan for three days. Luckily nothing got on the carpet.

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